Hiking poles can bring many benefits to outdoor hiking and traversing activities, such as improving the stability of walking and reducing the burden on the legs. So what do you need to pay attention to when using trekking poles? As a professional supplier of trekking poles, MANGO shares with you the common maintenance tips for trekking poles!

What are the precautions for using trekking poles?

  1. Long hiking, often check whether your walking stick is locked tight, so as not to lose the donkey “hoof”.
  1. Try not to insert the trekking poles into seawater, high calcium content of water, otherwise it will corrode the poles or difficult to clean.
  1. Walking on the mountain road, when there is a cliff on one side. Be sure to use the trekking poles in to the side of the mountain, otherwise it is easy to be dangerous! Normally, you should get into the habit of using your walking stick with both your left and right hands.
  1. Go up the steeper road, try to use the trekking poles away from the person in front of you, or be blinded do not blame others.
  1. The trekking pole is not a mortar and pestle, nor is it a vajra staff, be gentle with it, violent use of a good walking stick will break, there may be danger.
  1. Section hiking stick below 2 sections in the adjustment of the length of attention: the length of the next 2 sections should be as long as possible, so as to evenly spread the force, to avoid one section is too long, the force of the damage caused by the concentration. Some styles of cane will have a scale.

How to maintain the walking stick

  1. When the walking stick is dropped in water or wet, please pull it out for drying treatment.
  1. To prolong the life of your trekking poles, please take them apart after a long period of time or after going downhill, wipe them down and put them away.
  1. If a part of the trekking pole is rusty, you can use a very small amount of rust remover to treat the surface of the grinding rusty situation, but before using, make sure to remove all the grease from the surface, in order not to affect the adjustment lock function of the trekking pole. You can also use a very fine abrasive paper to remove the surface rust and keep the locking function of the trekking pole unaffected.
  1. The use of rotating locking poles may be affected by the locking function due to the fall of rust powder from the poles, blocking the locking ring, so it is necessary to remove the rust debris from the ring during maintenance, especially before combining them for use, make sure that the inside is very clean and does not contain any rust debris and grease.
  1. Aluminum trekking poles locking system can occur can not be pulled out of the problem, you can gently pat the locking part, or will get the trekking poles wet, you can reduce some friction, and then you can smoothly turn the trekking poles open. Be sure to spin open the opening down to the upright, let the moisture inside slowly flow out, and dry the trekking poles separately for storage.
  1. When you rotate the locked pole, the ring inside the pole will follow the pole rotation and can not be locked, you can take the pole apart, and then put the ring back on after thoroughly cleaning it. If it still can’t be locked, after taking the stanchion apart, turn the thinner stanchion into the ring to open it up a bit, then stuff it directly into the thicker stanchion and adjust it to the desired length before locking it.