Since camping in the wild is not as safe as at home, accidents can happen at any time, so here are a few ways to deal with them.

Wind, rain and electric shock

When camping, people who have lived in the city for a long time often panic when they encounter lightning and thunder, but there is no need to be nervous, as long as you don’t camp on the highest terrain or in a bare place, the danger is reduced a lot. Avoid standing under high trees when lightning, and it is best to throw away metal things in your hands. If it is too late to escape, then lying down on the ground can also minimize the danger.

Mountain Floods

When setting up camp, you should pay attention to the direction of flooding. The beach alluvium is a good place to set up camp, but when flooding comes, you should take action to change your camp after the rain, otherwise you may be lost in the flood.

Rising water and fire candles

If someone is unfortunately drowning, the first thing to do is to remove the foreign body from the mouth, and perform “heart massage” and “artificial respiration”, and get someone who knows how to provide medical care as soon as possible, and try not to press on the abdomen of the injured person, as what is squeezed out from the abdomen is likely to block his throat. When saving drowning, bamboo poles, floating objects (wood, planks, lifebuoys) or clothes can be used. In addition to fire prevention, in addition to the work of a good fire, do not light candles in the tent, cigarette butts do not throw to dry wood, the tent lighting is best to use a flashlight or camp lamp.


If you are accidentally stung by a poisonous bee, wash it with alkaline soap as soon as possible and then apply cold compresses with water or ice to the affected area. To prevent the bite of locusts (also known as bloodsuckers), you should first apply alkaline substances such as alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, soap and salt to your skin and clothes when entering mountainous areas to prevent the locusts from invading. If you are still not quite bitten, do not scratch it with your hands, because this scratching is likely to tear off its head and leave it inside the skin instead, leading to infectious diseases. It is better to pat the skin with your hand, or apply salt, sugar, lime, or smoke it with cigarettes or matches, and it will fall off naturally. After the locusts fall off, it is best to squeeze the wound immediately and let the blood flow out in an amount equal to the amount of blood sucked by the locusts.

Venomous snake bite

If a person is bitten by a poisonous snake, he or she does not know where the snake is going to bite, and if the bite is near an artery, it is life-threatening. However, once bitten by a poisonous snake, quickly grasp the time and press the muscles near the wound hard to squeeze out the poisonous blood from the wound and then pass at the upper end of the wound. By the night, to get out of the tent for convenience, because of the flashlight shine outside the tent door, and then pour the shoes, before wearing shoes to facilitate; as for lime, no need to bring again, and snakes really came, lime is not able to block.

The above are some of the unexpected situations that may be encountered when camping, to go camping friends must be prepared in advance, make emergency plans. In addition to this, have you prepared the camping gear? For example, hiking poles and hiking stools? Mango is ready for you, so contact us to get them!